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Top 25 best torrents downloading sites  Best Free Torrents WebSites List For Downloading Movies, Music, eBooks Files  :
Here is the new and freshly updated list of the top 10/20/25 Best torrents downloading websites for Music, Movies, Audia, ebooks, Softwares and appliacations where you can download free torrents file which you can use with P2P torrent clients software programs. You could find a similar list of top best 50 or 100 torrent downloading websites, but these are the most popular and torrent files downloading sites in the world. In these list all torrent downloading sites are popular country wise. So here these torrents downloading sites are bestly popular with countries including, US, UK, Europe, Australia, Asia, UAE and Afriacan countries. And some torrents sites are banned in some countries, these torrent sites have user base and popularity in US, UK,Europe, Asia, Germany, India, Pakistan,Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.
Most of these below listed top 25 best torrent downloading sites have free torrent files listed on them, few are paid torrent sites for downloading.For a premium torrent files downloading you can register for a paid account with nominal charges to gain access to fast, speedy, qualited torrent files.
Check Out Top 10 Best Torrents Websites in Details 

Top 10 Free Best Torrent Downloading sites-2011

Top 10Torrents Downloading Sites List
1The Pirate Bay
2Iso Hunt
3Torrent Portal
4Torrent Tree
5Extra Torrent
6Torrent Portal
7BT Junkie
8Kick Ass Torrents
10 Torrent Funk

Top 20 Free Best Torrent Downloading Sites-2011

Top 20Torrents Downloading Sites List
11Torrent Cafe
12Bit Snoop
15Torrent Root
16Torrent Pond
18Flix Flux
19Cinema Torrents

Top 25 Free Best Torrent Downloading Sites-2011

Top 25Torrents Downloading Sites List
23IP Torrents
25Torrent Zap

 Above are the best torrents sites on the Internet, though there are lot more torrents sites than this list-if you think or have a good experience yourself please do suggest torrents sites that could be put in the "best torrents sites" category. Thank You.


P2P torrent software top 20
This is a fresh list of torrent file downloader softwares and these are the top and best as torrent software or “ Peer To Peer “(P2P ) torrent clients. You can download any torrent file with these best P2P torrent softwares/clients. First, You download torrent files from torrent websites and through these clients you can download the content of the torrent file. These torrent softwares or P2P clients work on user sharing basis.

How to download movies, songs, videos or software application using torrent software/P2P client software?

Suppose, you have any of these top 20 Torrent software and now you want to download any software, application, music, videos, movies or songs through torrent files. Let’s say you want to download a movie using these P2P clients software. Now, first of all. you need to download torrent file of this movie which you can freely download from any of these top 25 best torrent downloading websites. After downloading torrent file of that particular movie you open this torrent file in any torrent software client (or it can automatically open in the particular P2P client installed on your system). Finally, your movie will be downloaded through this torrent software using the P2P networking. As simple as that.
 If you are looking out for best torrents sites try my blog post about top 10 best torrents sites.

How P2P Works?

P2P technology enables people to share files over networks connected to the Internet. Peer to peer networking is based on sharing concept. People share their files over the network. So, if you are using a P2P software client, then you are enabled to download torrent files using this sharing networking technology. Imagine, you are downloading any movie file using torrent files through any P2P client software. Now you are connected to other network nodes, and in layman’s language your P2P client software picks the movie shared with other connected users (peers), collects it in chunks ( through seeds and also at the same time checks for any corrupted file chunks ) and Then this combines it as a full movie through seeds. In other simple words, this way you are downloading something that is uploaded by someone else and you are connected to that ‘someone else’ through “P2P networking technology ”. This software lets you use this P2P sharing technology.

Top 20Best Torrents P2P Client Software Download
8Bit Torrent
13Bit Tornado
16Ares Galaxy
18ANts P2P
20ML Donkey
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10 Best Torrents Sites for ebooks

10 Best and top torrent websites where you can download free ebooks

Free torrent downloading websites are also a great place to download free ebooks. If you are new to torrents websites and torrents file and want to know how to download and play torrents file. Learn from my earlier blog post where i have mentioned best websites to download free torrents . But, to download torrent files you need to have first installed P2P torrent clients applications or software on your system, only then you can run these free ebooks torrents to download free e-books directly to your computer or on any other portable devices.
Hence, if you are new to torrents files, please go through these below mentioned two procedures-
Ok, now we come to the main topic. I am providing you here with direct links to the section on these torrent websites where you can search, browser, explore more for getting free ebooks of your choice. All the below mentioned torrent downloading websites are great torrent files portals and they all are among the most popular and reliable torrent downloading websites.
On these torrent websites all the torrent files are uploaded by users and  members. Chances are that you could find premium or paid ebooks as well without any cost. These ebooks (premium or free) are uploaded by users and they all are available to you free of cost.
before downloading any ebook torrent file you should check the comment posted by other downloaders to get the correct feedback. And be aware about any spam or malicious links or contents.
( Please remember that all the downloads are not legal or according to the T&C of the original source. You are recommended not to encourage the piracy of this digital content. Though, its your own wish to use or ignore illegal/pirated content available to you)

Top 10Best Top 10 free ebooks torrent downloading websites:-
1Iso hunt Download from 5000 A1online free ebooks on any Topics.Covering Sensuality,Religion, Geeks, Technology! 
2The Pirate Bay. More than a  thousand great e-books resources.
3Extra torrent . More than 60k free ebooks to download from.
4Kickass Torrents. Download from 1,75,000 freely available ebooks
5Torrent Portal . Mainly for free Comics ebooks torrents.
6Bit Snoop More than 600000 free ebooks on varied topics.
7Fenopy. Interesting ebooks on different topics.
8Torrent Root . This is a search engine of free ebooks torrents.
9Vertor . Download from more than 30K ebooks on varieties of topics.
10Demonoid More than 35K ebooks placed on different topics!

10 Best Web Sites to download Free Torrents

List of Top 10 Best Torrents Sites-2011

10 Best Torrents Sites

The top 10 best torrents web sites where you can download unlimited number of verified free torrents files (uploaded by users) for free ebooks, music,videos, free computer software programs, applications ,games,TV programs, pictures,songs, by using any of the free P2P torrents client software  . You can download free torrent files without paying a single penny, and without registering or signing up on any of these 10 best, the most popular, and free torrents downloading sites of the year 2011. The top 10 free torrent sites given in the list are the most active ones in the free torrents sites category.Like, "ISOHunt", "The Pirate bay" , "BT junkie" are ones among the top best 5 torrents sites that receive more than 10 Million unique visitors each every month. And, these free torrent web sites have very good Alexa rank as well as very high Google search traffic.This makes them highest searched free torrents sites. Millions of free movies, music, songs,or ebooks torrents are being downloaded and uploaded by millions of active users around the world everyday. You can download any type of torrent files from these best websites.There is no limit for downloading. you can browse torrent files according to the main categories like, popularity, no. of downloads, most downloaded,by latest,etc.

ISO Hunt 

10 Best Torrents Sites
ISO Hunt,Undoubtedly,is the No.1 free torrents downloading website in the world due to many reasons, including the most number of unique visitors per month for any torrent site, most number of free torrent files downloaded and uploaded per day, for 1.8 M trackers, 7.9 M active torrents, 118.2M free torrent files, 34.8 M Peers, and with a  mind blowing 13295 TB size of the free torrents files you can access from ISO Hunt.  Its gaining a huge popularly every moment among users who seek clean, safe, secure, free, and advanced features for free torrents downloading . In the Last month around 12 M unique visitors visited this torrent website! Its ranked as 250th best website in the world by Alexa. 

ISO Hunt is very well managed torrent web site with lots of nicely arranged features for browsing,commenting,rating, downloading,uploading free torrent files for more than 10 common, main categories.ISO Hunt has 1.7M registered users who enjoy the best torrent downloading options that it provides free of cost!
ISO Hunt # 1 Torrent downloading site

The Pirate Bay

10 Best Torrents Sites
After ISO Hunt, The Pirate Bay is the most popular and 2nd best free torrents site to download almost any type of torrent files for free. The Pirate Bay was started in 2003 and now its run by an organisation as a non-profit basis. The Pirate Bay has more than 5 million registered users and it has a very vast number of 29.9M peers in that around 20M are seeders and 9 M leechers. You can imagine how big a free torrents website this is ! In terms of size and number The Pirate bay ( known as TPB-its Swedish torrent site ) is the biggest and largest torrent web site in the world. TPB proudly claims to be the world's largest bittorrent tracker. And it's all available for free. The Pirate Bay favors piracy ad its infamously an anti-Copyright torrent website. 

The Pirate Bay (TPB) is the 84th most popular site in the world according to Alexa rankings.

The Pirate Bay offers you some great features for browsing and downloading torrents,such as-

  • Top 100,Recent torrents,TV shows free torrents downloading.
  • Audio-music, sound clips,audio books downloading  
  • Games-Download free torrents for PC, Mac, XBOX360,iPad,iPhone,Android,etc.
  • Download various computer applications for Windows, Mac, IOS, Android, and many other operating systems.
  • Download free torrent files for ebooks, comics, pictures, wallpapers, covers, etc.
Visit The Pirate Bay #2 Top Best Web Site in the category

Extra Torrent

10 Best Torrents Sites
You can also install torrent toolbar ( Extra Toolbar ) on your browser to directly download anything from your browser window and it keeps you updated on torrents stats and any  other torrent activities.

Extra torrent also offers you to read some top & cool latest articles from the world of Internet technology and torrents. 

You can also connect (and do ET chat too ) with a very well managed torrents user community forum on Extra Torrent, which is one of the best torrents site in the world that offers free torrents downloading and is in compliance with copyrights.

Their site stats provide some great insight into what this free torrents site has got to offer you-

As of Oct. 2011, Extra torrent has 1.4M free torrents in database.

259 Million Total torrents downloaded in which number of those peers/torrents that are being shared with others through P2P comes around to 43 Million ( called as Seeders) and 60 Million leechers ( those torrents peers who didn't seed [upload] the same free torrent to share with other P2P peers after downloading it !)   
And it has almost 36 million files in their database.
total number of trackers : around 46 thousand.
Extra Torrent # 3 Best Site in the category

Kickass Torrents
10 Best Torrents Sites
Kickass torrents websites was first introduced in 2008 and it released its web2.0 version in 2010. Kickass Torrents is one of the top best website to download free torrents website in the world. It offers many torrent users friendly features, such as a blog and online community for torrents users.
You can download free torrents for the following main categories using its browsing tab-

  • Free Applications -400K free torrents for handheld,Windows,Mac,UNIX.
  • Books free torrents- 176K books torrents for audio books,comics,ebooks free torrents downloading.
  • Games Free Torrents- 172K free games torrents downloading- Mac, NDS,PC,PS2,PS3,PSP,Wii,XBOX360. 
  • Movies free torrents-976 K free torrents to download movies for the following categories and genre-Action, Adult, Adventure, Animation, Biography, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Film Noir, periodic movies based on History, Horror, Music, Musical, Mystery, News, Reality Tv, Reality-Tv, Romance, Sci Fi, Sci-Fi, Short, Sport, Talk Show, Talk-Show, Thriller, War, Western.
  • Music free torrents-858K free torrents,browse by tags and artist can download torrents file for the following types of music-70s, 80s, 90s, Alternative, Blues, Classic Rock, Country,Dance,Electronic, Folk, Funk, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Hip Hop,Instrumental, Jazz, Metal,  Pop, Progressive Rock, Progressive Trance, Punk, Rap, Rnb, Rock,Soul,Techno, Trance. 
  • Other popular torrents files for free download- 380K torrents files for covers, pictures, wallpapers,sound clips,etc.  
KickAss Torrents # 4 Best Site in the category


10 Best Torrents Sites
Fenopy,like many other popularly free torrents sites, is a bittorrent search engine, and provides you with free verified torrents file downloading options through its fast and user friendly features. Fenopy offers you cloud based search option ( a bundle of the most searched keyword for the Fenopy torrent site) to download free torrents for many common and popular categories, for eg.-Music, Movies,TV shows, Applications,games, Books, Videos, Animes,etc. Fenopy also enables its users to download,use many other extra features,and useful tools. You can use the 'trend' key to see what others are downloading, what are best,most downloaded torrents based on a keyword.You get to know what type of music,or movies are more famous than the others . It only betters your torrents searching,downloading experiences.

You can narrow down your torrents searches results by Date,Size,number of Seeders-Leechers,and Peers.     
Fenopy # 5 Best Site in the category

Torrent Reactor 

10 Best Torrents Sites
Torrent reactor is a well managed and one of the best websites to download free you can find many types of torrent files for free downloading and you can also upload your own torrents files through free registering on its site. You can find more than 3 millions uploaded torrents for free downloading on Torrent Reactor with the following main categories-Anime, Softwae,Games,Movies,Music, TV shows,Popular torrents,Adult torrents.

Torrent Stats for Torrent Reactor-

Total torrents: 3.2 M
Seeds stats- total seeders: 42290458561
Total leechers: 103528311247
Total trackers: 8050
as of Oct. 2011.
Torrent reactor # 6 Top Best Web Site in the category


10 Best Torrents Sites
Torrentz is a torrents-based meta search engine ( its not a torrent search engine, but it just searches from other torrent search engines)-its fast,free, and one of the best sites to download free torrents. Torrentz is as very popular torrent meta search engine that provides indexing (searching) for more than 15 million torrents files from 34 domains listed in its website. 

There is a nice feature on this torrent site -iTorrentz. Through this you can personalize your page on Torrentz after registering ( free membership) on it. And you can personalize it with your favorite searches.

All the torrent files are verified on Torrentz and you may also upload your torrent files. torrentz offers you keywords cloud search options for downloading free torrents.     

Sites in Torrentz indexing - - 1,997 torrents - 5,252 torrents - 43,234 torrents - 6,039 torrents - 201,796 torrents - 18,691 torrents - 502,221 torrents - 670,272 torrents - 43,463 torrents - 1,451,342 torrents - 95,661 torrents - 210,660 torrents - 3,897,098 torrents - 613,641 torrents - 3,885,668 torrents - 2,475,041 torrents - 1,033,582 torrents - 4,432,012 torrents - 2,532,850 torrents - 3,972,319 torrents - 3,118,165 torrents - 2,063,470 torrents - 1,064,193 torrents - 1,853,650 torrents -5,245,944 torrents -356,910 torrents - 1,387,200 torrents -2,825,323 torrents - 820,568 torrents - 12,558,450 torrents - 226,113 torrents - 485,704 torrents
( latest updates as of Oct. 2011 )

Well, Torrentz offers you combined searches from over 30 torrents search engines, and also provides you with its uniquely advanced torrents searching features.

Torrent Downloads

10 Best Torrents Sites
Torrent Downloads is a nicely built free torrent downloading web site where you can download free torrents using advanced search feature and offers you direct links to some popular torrents files on the site, such as -

  • Most downloaded- Based on the number of downloads for particular torrent files. These torrents files are placed in descending order.
  • Must active- Those torrent files that have most number of seeders and leechers. Most active torrent files are arranged in decreasing order.
  • Most Seeded and Most Leeched torrent files. 
You can download free torrent files in the following main categories- TV Shows, Movies, Games, Music, Software, Anime, and Books.

Torrents Downloads # 8 Top Best Web Site in the category


10 Best Torrents Sites
Demonoid is a torrent-users community and forum for downloading and uploading free torrents. The millions of torrents files that are available for free downloading for anyone, are,actually, uploaded by its own registered members ( free membership offer is closed, at the moment, but open only through invitation code). Demonoid is really a very popular site or forum for free torrents uploading and downloading. Demonoid has a very large trusted/loyal user base. It offers a neat and clean interface,cool on-site features for its registered members, well organized T & C, Privacy Policies,tutorials and instructions, better listings of torrents on display, well structured site and forum. Either as a registered member or as an anonymous user, you will surely enjoy Demonoid as a website/forum to download free torrents in fast,safe, and secure way.
Demonoid  #  9 Top Web Site in the category

Only Torrents
10 Best Torrents Sites
More than 10000 new torrents are indexed daily on Only Torrents that indexes other sites for searching torrents to offer you torrent files for free downloading on your computer. They offer cloud based search options where you can see most searched torrents or keywords. Only Torrents also offers a blog page for you to read interestingly torrent related contents that is taken/collected from many of the other torrents sites. Though, this site is similar to many of the top best torrents search engines and there is not much on this site that could be termed as unique. But, some how, Only Torrents manages to make it to the Top 10 list with a small margin compared to the other popular free-torrent- sites, such as- Sumo Torrent, Torrent Portal, Seedpeer,and Torrents.
Only Torrents  # 10 Top Web Site in the category

To download torrent files ( file extention as ".torrent" ) you need to have installed a BitTorrent P2P client software.

I have listed 10 such top client software for downloading torrent files.

BitTorrent is a peer to peer (P2P) network protocol that allows users(peers ) to connect directly to each other to send/receive parts of a torrent file. THis all is done through a central server caller a tracker.And the latter manages network connections between peers.  

All the free torrent sites in this list are open bittorrent tracker and anybody can download or upload torrent files without paying anything. Bitorrent is an open P2P platform for sharing torrent files around the Internet world.
No sign-up, no log-in, no-registration required to download free torrent files from these top sites for free torrents downloading. You only need to register, or sign up when you want to write comments, upload torrent files, or put any relevant messages in forums run by these torrents sites.

To enjoy all the features on these free torrents sites you would be required to register or sign up, but not to worry as registration is a free and easy process in these torrents downloading sites. For an ex. to register on The Pirate Bay you need to feel only 4 fields, such as Username, any email id, and 2 times your desired password and you are done ! Just click on the link provided in that mail to confirm the registration.

Always see the ratings for the torrent file you are going to download, and you may read comments posted by the other torrents downloaders.

Please send in your valuable suggestions for this Top 10 torrent Sites list.Yeah,off-course, the site should be offering free downloading to all its users !     

If  top 10 torrents sites aren't enough for you, then should try my another blog post based on Top 25 Free Torrents Sites in the world-2011