Saturday, 10 March 2012


Top 25 best torrents downloading sites  Best Free Torrents WebSites List For Downloading Movies, Music, eBooks Files  :
Here is the new and freshly updated list of the top 10/20/25 Best torrents downloading websites for Music, Movies, Audia, ebooks, Softwares and appliacations where you can download free torrents file which you can use with P2P torrent clients software programs. You could find a similar list of top best 50 or 100 torrent downloading websites, but these are the most popular and torrent files downloading sites in the world. In these list all torrent downloading sites are popular country wise. So here these torrents downloading sites are bestly popular with countries including, US, UK, Europe, Australia, Asia, UAE and Afriacan countries. And some torrents sites are banned in some countries, these torrent sites have user base and popularity in US, UK,Europe, Asia, Germany, India, Pakistan,Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.
Most of these below listed top 25 best torrent downloading sites have free torrent files listed on them, few are paid torrent sites for downloading.For a premium torrent files downloading you can register for a paid account with nominal charges to gain access to fast, speedy, qualited torrent files.
Check Out Top 10 Best Torrents Websites in Details 

Top 10 Free Best Torrent Downloading sites-2011

Top 10Torrents Downloading Sites List
1The Pirate Bay
2Iso Hunt
3Torrent Portal
4Torrent Tree
5Extra Torrent
6Torrent Portal
7BT Junkie
8Kick Ass Torrents
10 Torrent Funk

Top 20 Free Best Torrent Downloading Sites-2011

Top 20Torrents Downloading Sites List
11Torrent Cafe
12Bit Snoop
15Torrent Root
16Torrent Pond
18Flix Flux
19Cinema Torrents

Top 25 Free Best Torrent Downloading Sites-2011

Top 25Torrents Downloading Sites List
23IP Torrents
25Torrent Zap

 Above are the best torrents sites on the Internet, though there are lot more torrents sites than this list-if you think or have a good experience yourself please do suggest torrents sites that could be put in the "best torrents sites" category. Thank You.

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